We live in a time when we are being called by Life. We are called to grow, to expand our self sphere and to reach a higher plateau in order to share the gifts of the spirit with all our relations.

It is a time for us as the human family to reach out to embrace all parts, all colors, all traditions, all nations and to remember our oneness.

We call you to bring your light and the gift of your spirit to enter the collective field we will create to send our energy, our prayers and our message to Life. It is the time. Be with us.

SunDance Chief

Dear Medicine Friends and Family,

The time of the Summer Solstice is approaching, and as we have done for centuries, we as the human tribe are preparing to celebrate Life and the infinite ways it manifests on our planet and all over the Universe.

At this time of the year all Life is unfolding in it's highest potential, the days are long, the nights short, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth are dancing their dance, warming and nurturing us with their unconditional love.

We are part of this dance - and it is time for us to give back our love, our prayers, our gratitude for the celebration of all life... all the gifts that we are given and all the nations, kingdoms and beings of this life.

The European Dance to the Sun of 2014 will be held in Trend Skov in the area of VestHimmerland in Denmark in the days of July 18-27.

We invite you to come to this sacred space on the Mother Earth - to dance to the Tree of Life.

More information is available here
You can sign up here

If you have questions, please contact StarWalker here (logistics) or SweetBuffalo here (registration)

With respect

On behalf of the Sundance task force