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Costs of Food, Camping and Venue Infrastructure

Each year we come together and build our camp together to hold us in our  Prayers. Each adult attending contributes to the costs of hiring the structures, camping and nourishing ourselves. We see this time of being and preparing together as an important part of this Ceremony, and encourage everybody to come together from the first to the last day.

Table of costs per person…

In Danish currency: DKK 2.100,00
In Pounds Sterling: £ 231,00
In Euros: 280,00
Adults – from 18 years:  DKK 2.100,00
Children  13 – 17 inclusive  DKK 1.500,00
Childen 4 – 12 inclusive (0 – 4 yrs free) DKK   1.000,00


At 3 or more paying children in a family: 20% discount on the total children fee

At 2 paying children in a family: 10% discount on the total children fee

At 1 paying child in a family: no dicount


Please state your name very clearly when you pay, so that we can register your payment correctly.

Faelleskassen 8411 account: 0004135657

IBAN: DK8084110004135657

Difficulties in transferring the costs:
If you have problems with transferring, we are willing to receive cash payment for the ceremony
in Danish currency!!


In addition, there is a Ceremony Fee of $ 200,- which is to be paid directly on website: