We arrive on the Friday 18th, set up our tents and start building the camp. That is our first main focus over the first day.

Between Saturday and Tuesday, we will continue building the camp, and prepare our inner prayers, practice drumming, singing and dancing.

The first dance begins at sunset on the Tuesday evening. This is a community round – everyone is encouraged to participate. After this one dance, everyone gently goes to their dreams.

On Wednesday we begin at sunrise: We dance, drum, sing and meditate for 45 minutes of each hour, until sunset, with 15 minutes rest between rounds.

Thursday and Friday are another two full days of give-away from sunrise to sunset.

On Saturday, we begin at sunrise and the final dance ends at noon, followed by a feast in the evening.

The Ceremonial completion takes place on Sunday mid-afternoon. Taking down the camp is part of the ceremony.

All participants may dance as many rounds as they choose. Everyone is encouraged to dance, drum, sing and support the dancers with their prayers in the Dance Lodge or in some other way that sustains the community¬†(if you wish to drum/sing or dance many rounds, please refer to the ‘Role descriptions’ and ‘How to prepare’ in ‘Practicalities’).