Welcome to Sundance 2014

 18th – 27th of July

Today we are linking Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice with our marking of the half way point between the two: Spring Equinox.  It is good to take a moment to ask the self, “How am I opening my consciousness toward our People’s Dance to the Sun?”  I invite you to step into this flow of thought and reflect how you wish to approach the Sacred Tree of Life this year.

This is a powerful time to step on this pathway toward the Sacred Tree.  When we set our steps on this pathway we deepen our life intention, we become more mindful of our impact and effect on our life and our relations.  We notice that everything in nature is awake and alive and seems to be calling us to wake up…. and to remember we each have a contribution to make in this lifetime.

As we are waking from the long winter dreaming, it is time to plant the seeds of our dreams and to nurture our intentions.  A wise dreamer said, “We need powerful containers to hold our powerful intentions, otherwise they will drift away” Quote from Rainbow Hawk.  So you are being called now to set your intention.  Will you come to the Sacred Tree?  Will you send your prayer and make your give away?  You are needed!  We are all needed.  Make your intention known.

WindEagle, Sundance Chief


Find the invitations for Sundance 2014 here and here.







We give thanks to OceanBow, who gracefully offered this design as his give-away.