Training Agreements


Participants are expected to deeply involve themselves in the study and practice of this earth wisdom and self-knowledge by applying the tools they are taught, with emphasis on self-development and deep integration.

We ask for your commitment to these three training agreements:


Willingness for Self-Discovery


This training journey will begin with the medicine tools of self-knowledge. As in the old way, the healer must first heal the self, and the teacher must first teach the self. This is the only way that those who share these teachings can do so in their own authority and with integrity. Each participant must be willing to use the ancient wheels inside the self for embodiment before teaching others.


Commitment to Actively Apply the Teachings


It is important to see that the purpose of this training is to embody and introduce the old wisdom ways where they are wanted. This training goes beyond self-learning. Participants need a desire to assist the healing of our world, our systems, our people, and a drive to go forward into the world in some manner with what they embody and are sanctioned to teach in this Delicate Lodge journey upon completion of this journey.


Access to Email and the Internet


Participants are required to have email/Web access, as this is the main method of communication for sharing assignments and learnings with each other and the guides between ceremonies. Participants also are required to maintain a strong presence in the Internet Lodge between ceremonies to further their learning and to foster a strong circle of support for all the participants in this training.