Structure of the training

The Council Guide Training (CGT) is a two-year ceremonial journey in which participants meet four times a year with WhiteEagleWoman and trained guides. Each five-day Ceremony offers experiential learning while learning various medicine wheels.

The first year involves intensive study and integration of these teachings within the self. Ancient medicine wheels offer the framework to guide this self-journey. This pathway takes the participant to the deepest healing and strengthening inner work that is offered in the world today.

The old ones understood much about being human, and they understood our inherent need to be connected to our Mother Earth and all her other children, like the animals, the plants, the waters and her fire. The medicine wheels offer constructs which take our human consciousness to a powerful experience of connection with our precious world, and to healing and transformation through this connection.


Once we've looked inside ourselves, the second year explores medicine wheels which participants can learn to use and teach in the world.


Our times together are ceremonial times out on the Mother Earth, living as a people, and touching the mystery and magic of the medicine wheels of self knowledge. We will deepen our conscious connection to all of our relations and the Sacred Hoop of Life. We will explore the depths of the balanced and powerful human potential and learn to embody the wisdom of the Wheels to expand our awareness, intellect, and power enabling us to bring about right actions for the healing of ourselves and our world.


By the end of the training there will be a blessing ceremony in Tulum, Mexico - a place on Mother Earth of exquisite beauty. Tulum is located on the Yucatan peninsula close to a number of ancient Maya sites from the time around 900 A.C. - the time where the Delicate Lodge Teachings originated and started to travel north and influence the people who lived along the Mississippi River and branched out onto Turtle Island - now called North America.



"It isn’t just the intelligences you will study and open.  You will also learn the way of ‘leadership’ from an emerging consciousness rooted in ancient knowledge about how a true Leader in today’s world simply harnesses the leadership abilities of those around her/him.  In a true sense, if you view a group being lead in this way, you will never really know whom the leader is as all are forward and all are leading.  This is the Way of the Circle, or the new paradigm that we are heading into as a human species on this planet. "