The Guides

Joanne de Norbriga

Medicine name: Accalia

Accalia lives in England except for when she is traveling the world on journeys of exploration and photographic assignments. After 20 years in the corporate world, latterly in the field of organisational and personal development, Accalia left to pursue a very different way of life.


She came to the teachings of the Delicate Lodge 8 years ago through a series of synchronicities and has been in deep study ever since.


This is her fifth time of guiding. "When I first came to the land and the wisdom, I realised I had come home. These teachings are the foundation of everything I do and am in this life."


Accalia is also developing ways to weave these teachings with her beautiful photography and creating pathways to consciousness.

Pernille Simmelsgaard

Medicine name: EagleHeart

Pernille is a teacher, coach and guide, who has devoted her life’s journey to explore, deepen and share Earth Wisdom and the Teachings of The Delicate Lodge. She has for many years been studying and practicing leadership and communication skills, development processes, cooperation and teamwork, and has in the last 18 years been facilitating personal, relationship and organizational development in many different areas.


In every aspect of life Pernille is seeking balance and wholeness, and a deep connection to Mother Earth and all of our relations with life. Her main areas of focus are to develop a healthy relationship to ourselves as humans and to all life around us; to live one's life and make choices from the heart, to seek courage and self-authorship in our actions, and move towards a more balanced way of living in general. She believes in a life lived authentically, from the essence of who we truly are, as we find and express our unique creativity and potential in life.


Besides being a guide in this programme, Pernille has participated in creating seasonal ceremonies in Denmark for the last couple of years.

Anne Visby

Medicine name: FireWeaver

Anne has a never ceasing passion for Beauty. Both in the way of creating spaces and objects of beauty, and in the understanding that Beauty can be found in all of Life’s experiences. To seek deep into the great Mystery of Life and find purpose and meaning is a life long quest of hers.


As a designer and teacher she loves the process of co-creation, to explore new ideas and find new ways of expression and creation. She knows how to listen - to humans, to spaces, to materials…


Anne is dedicated to being a part of the expansion of human consciousness, and to living life with a deep sense of love and respect for our Mother Earth and all of her children. She teaches new (old) ways of decision making to organizations and individuals with the purpose of restoring wholeness and balance to families, to our communities and to the world.


She is a loving and gentle guide who seeks to evoke the highest potential in students – often with subtle humor and a sharp eye.


Anne has also been a part of creating seasonal ceremonies in Denmark for the last couple of years.

Ole Visby

Medicine name: DiamondBear

Eda Aydogan

Medicine name: Coral Thunder

Ole is a musician and teacher, having taught music in many forms for 15 years.


A fierce guardian of life, Oles entire life journey is about music. As a performer, creator and teacher alike, he listens for what opens his heart and makes it sing.

As a human walking Mother Earth he is strongly committed to Consciousness, Continuity, Compassion and Community. He is deeply appreciative of being here, now, as part of facilitating the new, old way of life that is our exquisite chance to restore balance and wholeness in the lifetimes of ourselves and our children.


As a guide he is lightly serious, pinpoint precise and warmly compassionate. He throws in his own honesty and willingness to go further and deeper and invites you to go along!


Ole will soon take part in creating seasonal ceremonies in Denmark!

Eda is a coach and a guide.

After 10 years of family business she decided to change the path she was walking. She studied psychology and got into several coaching trainings. Her never-ending journey of self- discovery began 11 years ago and since then she is eager to go and look deeper in herself.


She is a hungry learner, passionate about self-growth and fully committed in the Delicate Lodge Teachings.


Her focus now is to create different ways to weave these teachings into her life and to master in walking as a Medicine Guide.


Being a scubadiver, she is also very passionate about underwater and she uses every opportunity to dive around the world.


She lives with her family in Istanbul.


Eda is wishing to take part in creating seasonal ceremonies in Turkey!

Alexandros Sumant Gryparis

Medicine name: LionHeart

LionHeart lives close to Athens, Greece, with his dog and two cats. He has been trained in Biostatistics and has spent almost 15 years investigating the effects of air pollution on human health, and more than 25 years teaching.


LionHeart has been interested in healing and self knowledge since 2004. He came across the Delicate Lodge Teachings in 2009, and he felt in love with them.


"CGT was for me a journey in beauty, love, consiousness, energy, and life. A journey to wholeness, within and at the Universe, that took place in a natural and loving way. Two fundamental things that I got

from my experience in CGT are to appreciate the journey that I am in, by being more consious about it and about the limitless possibilities that are open at each and every moment. The second thing was about the beauty and power of being in a Tribe; this opens a whole new level of possibilities, beauty, connection, expansion and creation. I feel in love with the Delicate Lodge Teachings, and as they live in me each and every moment, magic is created!"