"Since I started this journey, my life is transforming in many senses. I am now aware of how my thoughts, words and actions create my reality. This has helped me make choices in all the territories of my life, in a conscious way. I am experiencing more and more, joy, love and abundance. My connection with Life is deep, enriching and fulfilling."


Liberto Pereda, Spain

"With the CGT I journeyed to the bottom of my Self and came back out ready to travel to where the Universe turns in upon Herself. I got the map for the path beyond the unknown and back. Here I am, dedicated to gift back to Life. I opened the door of consciousness and peeled away what was in my way to embrace it."


Sascha Schmidt-Faxe, Denmark

"I've been looking for inner strength and empowerment for years. Since I started this journey I realized that I've been looking in the wrong places. This extraordinary beautiful journey gives me New Map of my being where everything becomes immeasurably bigger."


Esra Gökce, Turkey

More on the way!