The Delicate Lodge Teachings


The Council Guide Training comes from a tradition of knowledge that is thousands of years old, called the Delicate Lodge Teachings. Traditionally teachers passed this knowledge on to students in apprenticeships that lasted many years. About eighteen years ago, however, the Keepers of the Delicate Lodge saw the need to move the teachings out into the world – to families, communities, organizations and businesses. They dreamed a way to offer the teachings in the modern world, a way that still honoured the old path, and the Council Guide Training was born.


The call for the Delicate Lodge Teachings and Council Guide Training is expanding around the world. The CGT has traveled from the USA to Austria, Germany, Denmark, England, Turkey,  Switzerland and now Spain, with many people now implying the teachings in their relationships, work and communities.




A journey of wisdom and healing in the self and the world around us


This medicine journey spans a two-year cycle. In this time, participants:


- learn tools to embody the ancient Medicine Wheels carried in the Delicate Lodge Teachings;


- embrace powerful restructuring pathways leading to wholeness in the Self and a growing of the eight primary Shields of Power within the human;


- and become Council Guides sanctioned to carry parts of the Delicate Lodge Teachings out into the world as evocative leaders.


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"The most important thing you can do to change the course of history on our planet is to heal yourself of limiting and diminishing thoughts about yourself.

Create a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself.

It will change everything in your world, and mine."