"We face a crisis in this time of the human journey. As a people, and within our organizations, we have forgotten how to live in a conscious relationship with the earth and her children. We have forgotten we are interlinked on this human journey."








Tuition fees


The tuition for the CGT is € 8,500, £ 7,200 or DKr 63,500 and there are three possible payment plans as detailed below:


Plan 1: Full payment of tuition fee (€ 8200 / £ 7,000 / DKr 61,000) prior to commencement of ceremony (discount of € 300 / £ 200 / DKr 2,500)


Plan 2: Full payment of tuition fee (€ 8500 / £ 7200 / DKr 63,500) by end of 2014, in four equal installments of € 2150 / £ 1800 / DKr 15,875.


Plan 3:  A monthly payment of € 440 / £ 370 / DKr 3,300) over a period of 20 months, equaling a total of € 8800 / £ 7600 / DKr 66,000.


If you wish to discuss any financial concerns, please contact Accalia on +447917166748 or via email at joanne_iwom@yahoo.com, for a conversation of possibility, opportunity and options. For those who are seriously committed to this extraordinary training journey, we are always willing to see what can be agreed, to enable you to join us.


Deposit & paying the balance


A deposit of € 500 / £ 400 / DKr 4000 will secure your place on the CGT. This is due after you have registered.


The full balance of the tuition is due, dependent on the plan you have chosen. Note a deposit is not required if you pay the full amount upfront.




The cost of the accommodation is € 48 per day (except for August dates which is € 52 per day) and is payable direct to the Venue. This price is inclusive of meals.


Web space


An annual fee for hosting of the web space for your reports and sharings is per year

€ 45 / £ 40 / DKr 360, which is to be paid once a year.


Energy and assignments


Energetic commitment during the period between ceremonies includes:


- Daily practice and self-reporting (~1 hour/day)


- Stringing of the Beads online (once a week in Internet Lodge)


- Work with your learning team online to deepen around the suggested practices for that time (minimum once a week in Internet Lodge)


Other expectations


That you:


- Review the training agreements; be prepared to commit to this level of attention in the journey


- Come to ceremonies alert and ready to engage in learning


- Are open and respectfully relate to each other in the learning circle


- Possess rudimentary computer skills and ongoing computer access


During the two years of the journey we ask all participants not to teach what they are learning      to anyone outside of their own family. It is important for each person to deepen the tools and practices inside themselves before sharing with another.